The Cycle of Boredom During The Holiday

Boredom is an utter understatement of my life during the holiday, I have a whole lot of beneficial activities waiting for my approval but my procrastination “demon” strikes in and consumes me wholly. “Tomorrow, I’ll do that”, “I’ll be extremely productive tomorrow”. These are the words or should I say, the spells, enchanted by the procrastination “demon” that compelled me to dump everything into the seemingly incessant “tomorrow”. At the end of the day, I complain that my day was unproductive and boring. Sometimes when my brain intends to send impulses to the rest of my body to clear my to-do list, my body just, they just don’t respond at all! Seriously, they’re like possessed by something that disapproves productivity. Maybe it’s true, maybe the heart wants what it wants. Hah, what a Selena Gomez reference. K, Scratch that. Back to topic, I’ve been intending to create a routine, which is one article or poem a day, finish a book within a week (I’m a slow reader, so this might be quite challenging to me, haha) , expand my range of vocabulary and a cup of green tea everyday. This routine might sound simple but it’s obviously way better than my current routine, not to mention, I’m desperate in improving my essay writing skill too. Finger crossed. Hope that I’ll keep up with my new routine. Until then, see ya!


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